Duramold 2 Aluminum Plate

Designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, structural foam, semi-conductor, rotational molds, blow molds, foundry tooling along with vacuum tools. Also used in rubber molds, heating and cooling plates.


The Duramold 2 aluminum plate is a product that offers mold makers a great option for a mold material. It can be used in a wide array of mold making applications. What makes this metal popular is its excellent machinability and welding capabilities. It also has consistent and outstanding performance when in temperatures that are elevated. Duramold 2 aluminum also has dimensional stability that is unsurpassed. This product is designed with high quality equipment and processing systems, and results in a very consistent product. This metal has high brinell hardness compared with some other aluminums, and can be a durable mold material.

This product has a tensile strength of 38,000 psi and yield strength at 20,000 psi. Its elongation in two inches is between 7 and 9 percent. The thermal conductivity of Duramold 2 aluminum is good. Duramold 2 aluminum plates were designed for use in low volume to production injection molds, rotational molds, blow molds, structural foam, semi-conductor, vacuum tools and foundry tooling. It is also commonly used in applications for cooling and heating plates and rubber molds.

What makes this product superior is its excellent stability, great resistance to corrosion, high density and better properties in elevated temperatures. Anodizing can also be used on this product with no problem. The tolerance levels for this metal are a thickness of +.125/-0, width of +.25/-.00 and length of +.25/-.00. The available sizes for the Duramold 2 aluminum plate are between 2 and 38 inches thick, up to 94 inches wide and up to 195 inches long.

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